Office Christmas Party – what to wear?

It’s that time of the year when festivities kick in and there are more parties to attend than usual. I love Decembers because Christmas is my all time favorite holiday. Somehow the air smells nicer (and cooler), the streets are brighter and people look happier!

I remember that it is around this time of the year that the office Christmas parties happen. I definitely miss dressing up for these events having left my job nearly 1.5 years ago. What have you decided for your office Christmas party ensemble this year? In case you have not thought about it, here are some tips for putting the ensemble together.

While it is a great event to dress up for, it is still a fine line between festive and professional and a certain dress code should be followed, especially if you work in a corporate environment.


The basics:

  1. Be somewhat comfortable in whatever outfit you pick

Nothing looks more beautiful than a confident woman and being comfortable helps with the confidence. Just in case you have to carry out a meaningful conversation with your bosses, its probably not ideal if you were feeling all self-conscious while talking. Having said that, this does not mean wearing your most comfortable sweat pants to the party. You get what I mean.

  1. Watch out for VPL (visible panty line)

This is just a pet peeve of mine and I think no matter how elegant a woman looks in her outfit, the VPL takes away that much from the final image. Invest in a pair of comfortable seamless hipster underwear or if you are less conservative, put on your thong please.

  1. Wear shoes that can last you through the night

Sometimes office Christmas parties can last pretty long, especially if you have younger colleagues who don’t need to be home to tend to their spouses and children. So depending on how long you anticipate the night to be, wear the right shoes.

  1. Don’t be too casual

I believe in dressing up for the occasion because it is respectful. Well, of course I am not telling you to rock up in a ball gown but to dress accordingly and appropriately. A good gauge would be the venue or based on the past few Christmas parties you have attended. If the venue is a posh restaurant or a nice hotel ballroom, please don’t turn up in sneakers or jeans.


Say NO to: 

  1. Plunging necklines

I am a big believer of “if you have it, flaunt it” but there is a time and place for this and I wouldn’t recommend the office Christmas parties to be showing off your assets. Keep it tasteful and professional.

  1. Short and tight mini skirts

Above your knee is fine but I guess lets try to keep it below mid-thigh. And if it’s tight, lets not have it short as well. And vice versa. You want to keep the image classy because as we all should know by now, people love to talk.

  1. Super sheer outfits

Nothing I haven’t already explained above. Remember, this is still an office event and while we all want to look good, we also want to be classy!


Below are a few office Christmas party outfit inspirations I have put together for you, hope its helpful!

The Pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is definitely one of my favorite workwear pieces because of its versatility. For an office Christmas party outfit, I chose a tailored metallic lace pencil skirt and paired it with a fairly simple black top with peplum details. The metallic royal blue color together with the beautiful lace detailing makes this pencil skirt a perfect pick for a formal event.

Accentuate this outfit with a silver lace cuff to match the lace skirt and a pair of statement dangly earrings. I finished off this ensemble with some silver strappy heels. And just in case it gets cold at the party, I picked a cozy black cashmere-silk lace scarf with metallic blue lace details to keep warm. The overall look that I’m going for is a classy elegance. 

metallic lace pencil skirt pairing for office christmas party look 

  1. Ms Soignée - Sapphire lace skirt 2. DKNY - peplum top 3. Aurelie Bidermann – silver lace cuff 4. Dannijo – oxidized silver earrings 5. Giuseppe Zanotti – silver strappy heels 6. Ms Soignée – Adele handmade cashmere-silk scarf with lace and beading


Tweed dress

A tweed dress goes a long way. It is suitable for any occasion when paired with the right accessories. Here, I have chosen a simple black U-back tweed dress with silver trimming and paired it with a white tweed jacket. I picked a long drapey palladium-tone pearl necklace to add some sparkle to the ensemble and a simple silver-tone two-finger ring. With such an elaborate necklace, I would go simple with the earrings, if any at all. I finished off the outfit with a pair of tweed pumps. The overall look is classic Chanel-chic.

Tweed dress jacket pairing office christmas party look 

  1. Ms Soignée – Haley Japanese tweed dress 2. Giambattista Valli – white tweed jacket 3. Oscar de la Renta – two-finger ring 4. Rosantica – palladium-tone pearl necklace 5. Christian Louboutin – leather tweed pumps


Midi-length dress

Not quite a midi-length dress we have here but it is slightly longer than usual and ends a few inches below the knee. This dress is crafted from 3-D floral guipure lace which adds a nice textural element to the look. It features sheer long sleeves for that feminine touch.

I matched this dress with a gold hair clip and a gold cuff that looks like tree vines to match the floral lace. Because the dress is already very detail-oriented, there is no need for any necklace. Since the dress is fairly long, I chose a pair of strappy nude heels to give the illusion of longer legs. midi length guipure lace dress office christmas party look

  1. Ms Soignée – sheer-sleeved guipure lace dress (coming soon) 2. Oscar de la Renta – gold-plated cuff 3. Maison Michel – gold tone hair slide 4. Jimmy Choo – nude patent strappy heels

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